Is it just my group on the vehicle?

Yes, with a Private Tour the vehicle is reserved for just your group.

Are we able to choose the breweries that are visited?

Yes, with a Private Tour we visit the breweries of your choice, and we would also let you know if we feel that the breweries you have chosen are not the optimal choices. We can also make plenty of recommendations.

What type of food is included if we do the tour “with food”?

When we include food it is a limited menu at a brewery restaurant that normally includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc. It is an entrée per person.

If we choose a “no food” package will there be time to order food on our own?

We recommend the group purchasing food off of the food trucks which are at several of the breweries. If you prefer to have your group order food from a restaurant on your own tabs we may need to allow more time at that particular brewery and we are not responsible for any time lost at other breweries due to the food taking longer then expected.

How many samples are included at each brewery?

Although the size and amount does vary depending on the breweries that you visit, we normally include 4 (4-5oz) samples per person at most breweries. This is normally plenty of beer.

Are there specific start times for Private Tours?

We offer day and night tours 7 days a week. We are more strict on start times on Fridays & Saturdays, and we are pretty flexible with start times Sunday – Thursdays.

How much time do we spend at each brewery?

We spend about an hour at each brewery.

What is you most popular number of breweries to visit?

Normally 3 breweries in 4-5 hrs is plenty.

How far out should I make a reservation?

We run on a first come first serve basis. Saturdays are our busiest days, and although we do sometimes have last minute availability, we normally start to lose a lot of time slots around a month out on Saturdays and Holidays. We normally recommend a few weeks for other day of the week, but can set up a tour the same day if we have anything available.

What is needed to make a reservation for a Private Tour?

We require a nonrefundable $250-$300 deposit to reserve the date and time depending on the size vehicle that is being reserved.

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